The City at Work project was funded by grants from Art Gumbo Dubuque, the State Historical Society of Iowa, Mediacom, Dubuque Main Street, Humanities Iowa, the Iowa Arts Council and the City of Dubuque. Special thanks should be given to the Klauer Family Foundation and individual members of the Klauer family in Dubuque. One hundred years ago Peter Klauer saved the original collection, thirty years ago William J. Klauer, Sr. donated the collection to Loras College, making it available to the public, and today members of the Klauer family have continued to generously support this project.

The Dubuquefest Panorama was funded by grants from the Iowa Arts Council, Art Gumbo Dubuque and the DubuqueFest Fine Arts Festival.

The Millwork Portrait Project was funded by a grant from the Iowa Arts Council and with support for Gronen Restoration.

And a special thank you to Mike Gibson and the Center for Dubuque History at Loras College for help with all of these projects.